SP Dražice s.r.o. was founded in 1997 as a family company. The company took over the bussiness activities of its associates – natural persons. As of its foundation it has been specialized in planning and construction of energy facilities.

In 1997 one of important moments for SP Dražice became the purchase of the hydroelectric power station in Dražice. After a costing reconstruction the power station was put into the setting up operation in December 1998.

During 1998 SP Dražice purchased several properties in Dražice – offices, warehouses and metal manufacturing. SP Dražice continued successfully in ski binding manufacture and increased its range of products soon.

Due to the maximization of the company operation efficiency the associates decided on a change of the corporate organization structure. This change was completed in 2006 by entering into a close cooperation with our Russian partner. There are two companies concerning with production and distribution of sport equipment, especially for cross-country skiing – Czech SKOL s.r.o. and Russian Intersportgroup Ltd. .

SP Dražice carries on the rest of activities, especially the production and distribution of electricity, metal manufacturing and construction. Components for water heaters, mountaineering shovels and universal knife and scissors sharpeners form the main body of the actual metalworking production.


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